Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Sales and Cheap Books!

Well, I ploughed my way round the sales and came home with two new jumpers and
a pair of shoes - bliss!
I'd had enough of the shops by then, though, so I went online to buy the books I wanted. Whilst I was at Amazon, I noticed that some of the Amazon Marketplace sellers were selling a few of our books at less than half price. So if you want to pick up a bargain, this is the time to do it!

Lord Deverill's Secret

Cassandra Paxton is trying to sell her Brighton town house, but someone is trying to kill her.

What secret is Justin, Lord Deverill, hiding, and will Cassandra survive?

To find a bargain, new copy of Lord Deverill's Secret by Amanda Grange
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Dance for A Diamond

Antonia Venn sets up her own dancing school in a bid for independence. Into Miss Venn’s academy comes the lively Isabella Burstock. Antonia’s efforts to keep Isabella’s high spirits in check naturally bring her into conflict with her autocratic half-brother, Sir Laurence Oakford.

To find a bargain, new copy of Dance For A Diamond by Melinda Hammond
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Tide of Fortune

Kerenza Vyvyan's estranged family has been missing for a year on a trading voyage to the Mediterranean. When her father returns to raise the ransom needed to free his wife and elder daughter, he demands that Kerenza sail back with him. But the commander of the ship is Nicholas Penrose, the man who broke Kerenza's heart.

To find a bargain, new copy of Tide of Fortune by Jane Jackson

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The Lady Soldier

Spain, 1812. Jem Riseley is the perfect soldier in Wellington's army: brave, skilled and daring but also a gently-born lady!
A battlefield promotion provides Jem with the means of escape from a sadistic major, but leaves her with the problem of Captain Tony Dorrell. Jem must convince the handsome but jaded captain, who knew her as a lady, that she's the man she seems. When the pair are trapped behind French lines, Jem has to battle the enemy as well as her rekindled desire for Tony.

From the dangers of war-torn Spain to scandal in London's elegant drawing rooms, Jem will fight to preserve her secret. However, the reappearance of an old adversary causes Jem to confront her past in order to save her own, and England's, future.

To find a bargain, new copy of The Lady Soldier by Kate Allan

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Happy Reading!

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