Friday, December 16, 2005

Jane Jackson

I’m delighted to have been invited to join this blog. I’ve never blogged before so my learning curve is more of a vertical line. I live in Cornwall in the village where I grew up. As my four most recent books have been adventure-based romance in which the sea plays a large part, I’m ideally placed to explore the wild rugged cliffs and coves that feature in my stories.

It’s all been a bit hectic lately. I had just finished writing "Dangerous Waters" (pub. Robert Hale in February 2006) – I’ll tell you more about the story next time when I hope to have a photo of the jacket cover - and begun writing a detailed scene-by-scene breakdown of a new story when my agent emailed to say she had sold a book I wrote four years ago. That was the wonderful news. The not-so-wonderful news was that it needed to be cut by 24,000 words. I was half way through that when the proofs for "Dangerous Waters" arrived, so they had to be attended to immediately. Then it was back to the cut. I'd almost finished when agent emailed again asking for an outline and first chapter based on an idea I'd sent her a few weeks previously. So, with the proofs completed, my original story has been set aside for the time being while I work on the new idea. The title is "Devil’s Prize". It has a wrecking and smuggling background during the war with France. The story, featuring two brothers as different as Cain and Abel, is beginning to take shape and the characters have sprung to life as living, breathing people. I’m really excited about it and will post more as it unfolds.

Meanwhile, it will soon be Christmas. I’d like to wish everyone a happy time, with some peaceful moments in which to enjoy a quiet read!

Best wishes from Jane Jackson.

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