Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Christmas and Oh Well!

Things have been happening, some exciting some less so but all part of the life of a writer. I have sold a Regency to D C Thomson for My Weekly Story Collection, A Country Mouse, and strangely, received the cheque without signing a contract. I have also sold the large print rights of The Unconventional Miss Walters to Thorpe but, alas, no sign of either contract or money.
I have also been booked to do three talks in January, one to a local W.I., the other two to library reading groups. As an ex-teacher I am used to standing in front of a captive audience and hopefully these groups will be as polite as the children usually were.
My first newspaper review appeared on Wednesday but I forgot all about it and missed it; let's hope it was as complimentary as the ones on Amazon. A feature writer from the East Anglian Daily Times is coming this morning to interview me which means I had better run round with a vacuum cleaner and empty the cat litter tray! I'm even baking a cake on the premise that if he is well treated he will be more disposed to be kind.
On the down side an agent politely refused to represent me for a contemporary novel I've written so that's another manuscript that can go into 'the cupboard' to moulder with the rest of the abandoned scribbles accumulated over the last thirty years.
Fenella-Jane Miller

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Kate Allan said...

Congratulations on the sales! What is A Country Mouse about?