Sunday, November 09, 2008

Covers and Quotes!

My next book for Robert Hale, THE GHOSTS OF NEDDINGFIELD HALL, is due out at the end of December but here is the finished cover. As always the artist has produced a cover I like.
I'm pleased to be able to tell you that I've just sold my sixth My Weekly Pocket Novel to D C Thomson, called, LORD ATHERTON'S WARD. no doubt, like all the others, it will appear in about 15 months from now.
Last week I heard another quote I was told was made by the Duke of Wellington - everyone knows the one made about his troops before Waterloo "an infamous army, very weak and ill-equipped, and a very inexperienced staff". I wonder how many of you have heard this one - about making love. "The pleasure mementory, the postion ludicrous, the cost exorbitant." Priceless - and how true. (Jan Jones has now corrected me - it was Lord Chesterfield who said this.)
Best wishes
Fenella Miller


Jan Jones said...

Lovely atmospheric cover, Fenella. And congratulations on the MWPN sale.

I think that quote properly comes from Lord Chesterfield who is reported to have said:

"The expense is damnable, the pleasure momentary and the position ludicrous."

Historical Romance Author said...

Well- I shall tell my brother he's wrong!! Whoever said it - I love it.
How do you know it's Lord Chesterfield? I'm very impressed!!

Jan Jones said...

I think it's one of those quotes I just know, Fenella. And I remember it being Lord Chesterfield because my slightly twisted mind immediately associated it with the Chesterfield sofa...

Anonymous said...

Lovely cover, Fenella.Wendy