Sunday, November 09, 2008

Song Of The Mountains

Just popped in to show you my cover for Song of the Mountains. This is a big Medieval book published in ebook format by Eternal Press.

Set against the turmoil as the last Welsh prince of Wales fought for survival against the English, it is a story of love, hate and betrayal. Morgan is devoted to his prince and the cause but his heart is given to a woman he can never marry. Will he overcome all the obstacles, tragedy and pain to find happiness. A passionate tale with a hint of magic!


Gehayi said...

I'm puzzled. Why can't Morgan marry the woman?

If it's a question of them being too closely related (which would have been a problem in most of Europe unless the couple could get a papal dispensation), that wouldn't be an issue in Wales. Marriage between cousins was very common among the Welsh of the time.

If the woman is English or Irish, that's not an issue either. Welsh men (and, more rarely, Welsh women) sometimes married alltuds--foreigners. Two Princes of Wales married Norman women. Llewellyn Fawr was wed to Joanna, the bastard daughter of King John, and his grandson (also named Llewellyn) married Ellen de Montfort.

If it's a question of one of them being married to the wrong person...well, the Welsh of the time didn't agree with the Catholic church's traditions regarding marriage and divorce. Welshmen were allowed to divorce their wives, and Welsh women were allowed to divorce their husbands. Adultery, cruelty, illness (such as leprosy or madness) and impotence were the main reasons. It also wasn't unusual for couples to simply decide they'd made a mistake and then part.

So I'm curious as to what obstacle is standing in the way of the romance. Given the history of the time and the place, I'm not seeing anything insurmountable.

Historical Romance Author said...

You have to read the book to find out Tracey/ Linda