Tuesday, December 09, 2008


When Miss Culley and her entire staff vanished without trace from Neddingfield Hall, Hester Frobisher was certain she could solve the mystery on her own and find her great-aunt. However, her cousin, the Earl of Waverly, thought differently, so she was obliged to accept his help. With Ralph, a formidable veteran of the Peninsular Wars at her side, she was convinced they would make an invincible team.However, sinister forces are working to lure the two, and those around them, towards their deaths. No-one at Neddingfield is safe. Is it ghosts, or something far more dangerous that seeks to destroy them? Will Hester's quick wits and Ralph's courage be enough to save them all?
ISBN 9780709086901
This is my latest book from Robert Hale. At the moment it can be bought at both the www.halebooks.com site and Amazon UK at a discount - £12.35.
If anyone would like a signed copy sent to someone in the UK for a Christmas present I could do that for them. I have a 'paypal' account and copies of the book at home, even though it isn't released until 31st December. Contact me via my website or on the comments board.
If you like the sound of this book don't forget it can be ordered from your local library (UK only).
Yesterday I was so engrossed in my writing I melted a Christmas pudding!! Forgot to top up the water and the plastic bowl disintegrated. Hope nothing similar happens to any of you - still, the pudding I scraped from the bottom of the bowl will go out to the birds.
Best Wishes
Fenella Miller

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