Friday, November 25, 2005

Book launch for The Unconventional Miss Walters

On 30th October I opened my home to 75 assorted friends and family for the launch of my first book. I woke up feeling sick and wished I could cancel it but making hundreds of canapes and organising bowls of olives and exotic crisps kept my nerves at bay. The sun was shining and the day mild, perfect for sitting outside on the deck.
At noon the first people arrived and from that moment I forgot to be worried and began to enjoy myself. The two lovely young ladies I had employed for the cccasion served the drinks and put out the food, leaving me to mingle and my husband to act the perfect host.
Soon I was asked to sign my first book, something I had been dreading but, in fact, it was a chance to speak to everyone personally. It was odd signing books for writer friends, especially those who command a whole shelf to themselves at the local library. I sold out of books and had to order some more.
The most memorable signing was from a jounalist friend who asked me to put 'From a writer to a hack' Everyone enjoyed themselves and I can't wait until next March when 'A Suitable Husband' is published and I can have another one.

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