Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lynne Connolly Noblesse Oblige

It's so good to see a site with UK Regency authors, and I'm in such good company I could squeal!
My latest Regency is called Noblesse Oblige and is available at Champagne Books

Marianne Noble has reconciled herself to the life of a lady’s companion until she meets Jerome Rivers, but Jerome may not be all he claims to be. When Marianne agrees to marry him she learns a secret that shocks her to the core. Then someone tries to kill him.
Jerome Rivers likes the quiet life, but his situation makes this a rare luxury. During his annual sojourn in the fashionable resort of Scarborough he meets his fate, only to risk losing everything he holds most dear. Who wants him dead, and why? Or is it Marianne the assassin wants to destroy?

Lynne Connolly

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Liz Harris said...

Afraid I don't agree with Kate re Mr. Bennet - he sat back and amused himself by watching the follies of his empty-headed wife. Too late he learned the error of his ways when Lydia eloped, thereby jeopardising the family's social standing and the girls' hopes for a good marriages.

Catherine Morland - a bit silly and over-imaginative, but necessary for a novel which was essentially a take-off of Gothic novels.

Anne Elliot - a little boring, and rather too easily led.

Mr. Darcy - too die for! I'd have preferred a photo of Alan Badel, the definitive Mr. Darcy, or even Matthew MacFadyen, whose shy Mr. Darcy was quite dishy. But Amanda's got him.

My choice. Mmmm. Maybe Lizzie Bennet: wonderful eyes and lively personality, which give her a true beauty. Devoted to her family, kind and caring. She is intelligent, with a sparkling sense of humour and a ready wit. Flawed, yes. But, by the end of the story, she's grown in self awareness truly regrets early impetuous prejudices.

And, best of all, she ends up with Mr. Darcy!!