Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Favourite Jane Austen characters

Kate's favourite is Mr Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.
She says, "Since Amanda got in there before me and stole Mr Darcy I'll take Mr Bennet. I love his wit and perception, and his deep love for his family. He's a perfect father, wanting to allow his daughters to make their own decisions yet guiding them where necessary."

Fenella's favourite Jane Austen character
is Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey.

"I prefer her younger heroines who at the
outset are unworldly, and by the final page
have progressed towards maturity and
self-knowledge," she says.

Pam's choice is Anne Elliot, with her 'elegance of mind and sweetness of character which must have placed her high with any people of real understanding'.

"I love her because of the uncomplaining way she undertook the tiresome duties placed upon her by her family, and admire her having the strength to stand up to her overbearing father when she wanted to visit her old school friend who was living in reduced circumstances, and finally to defy her family and her godmother Lady Russell and take her second chance at love when it was offered."

Amanda's favourite is Mr Darcy.

"An obvious choice, but I can't resist. Darcy has everything
- including flaws. Watching him change from an arrogant
man into a warm human being makes me melt every time.

And, of course, he's the owner of Pemberley!"

Let us know about your favourite character!

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Anonymous said...

I'm with Pam on this. Anne Elliot is so good, but she combines that goodness with intelligence and isn't unaware of the faults of others. Jane Bennet is good, but too ready to be believe the best of everyone. Anne is far more rational, and she has learned to do what she knows is right, even in the face of criticism. Fanny Price is good, but rather weak and lacking in initiative. Anne takes steps to recapture Captain Wentworth's interest and is able to engage fully in conversation with others, unencumbered by shyness. The Austen heroine most similar to Anne is Elinor Dashwood, but Anne has better taste in men!