Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tribute to Pamela Cleaver

We are very sorry to have to tell you that Pam has died.

Pam was a huge supporter of the Regency romance. Through her work with the Romantic Novelists' Association and the Historical Novel Society, she did a great deal to raise its profile. Her membership of this blog was the latest example of her dedication to a genre she loved.

Pam was a gifted writer. She had had many children's books published, and her book, How to Write Children's Books, was - and still is - a bestseller.

She had always loved Regencies, stemming from her love of Georgette Heyer, and she recently turned to writing them.
Her first Regency romance, The Reluctant Governess, is a perfect example of the traditional Regency. Its lively characters are embroiled in an adventurous story as the heroine tries to discover the identity of the leader of a band of smugglers. All the while, she knows the outcome might lead to heartache, as one of the contenders for the role is a man she finds very attractive . . .

The Reluctant Governess encapsulates the wit and sparkle of a traditional Regency, together with a satisfying love story - the Regency at its best.

We will miss her.


Anonymous said...

I briefly 'met' Pam on an email group. Even after reading only a couple of her emails, it was apparent that she had 'the wit and sparkle of a traditional Regency', and her emails also gave the reader that contented, happy feeling one has at the end of reading a good Regency romance.

Anonymous said...

My condolences..glenda

Stephen said...

Some time ago I promised Pam that I would run the Wenlock measuring stick over Belinda Carrington, the heroine of The Reluctant Governess, to determine whether she was in need of a slap. I didn't get round to it while she was still alive, but I have now done so. I hope that she would have enjoyed it.