Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Unknown Heir

My new Regency from Mills & Boon is out in April but it is already on sale on the net. The Unknown Heir is a story of a woman in her twenties who has given up all thought of love or romance and is accustomed to the company of her mother and grandfather - until the new heir turns up!

In a few days I have another ebook coming out with Red rose Publishing. This is a long contemporary book about two women. Verity had achieved her ambition to own an antique shop but suspects something is wrong in her marriage. Sarah Lovelace, Verity's mother-in-law is ill and as she rests to recover from treatment, she reflects on her life. We see how the things we do affect not only us but the people we love down the years. It is a very emotional book and will tug at your heartstrings.

A Shameful Secret/Anne Ireland/Amira Press is a little different. It is out now in ebook and is currently number three in the Historical section at fictionwise, in company with Ken Follet and Phillipa Gregory. It was at number two for some days. Hopefully it will be out in paperback either this month or next, but I haven't heard any more about that yet.

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