Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Harstairs House

Whilst we wait for our next author to continue the Christmas story I thought I'd tell you about my new release, Harstairs House, which came out in paperback a few days ago. It's available from book shops and online in the US and from online sellers in the UK.

When Susannah Thorpe inherits Harstairs House she finds more than she bargained for, as the house has a tenant in the broodingly handsome shape of Oliver Bristow. With only a month left on his lease, Susannah allows him to remain, but a series of unexplained incidents follow. Oliver is badly beaten; the local militia pay a visit to the house; and Susannah sees mysterious lights out at sea. She discovers a secret passage under the sundial in the courtyard garden, and, more alarmingly, discovers another one in the library.
As she begins to unravel the mysteries of Harstairs House she finds herself drawn to Oliver, but beneath his charming, if rakish, exterior, something deeper lurks, and she must discover the secret of his presence at the house, if she is to survive . . .

To read an extract, click here

Amanda Grange

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