Saturday, December 08, 2007

Lydia Bennet's Story

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to tell you about my new book, Lydia Bennet's Story, which is newly published and available to buy on Amazon.

The arrival of a whole regiment of militia is enough to set any young girl’s heart racing, but for Miss Lydia Bennet, the soldiers are the embodiment of all her dreams. She is determined to be an officer’s wife and married before any of her sisters!
Lydia’s dream of following the regiment to the fashionable resort of Brighton comes true; she is soon the darling of all the officers and tempted not only by a handsome royal dragoon, but drawn to the irresistible charms of one already well known to her. But the road to matrimony is fraught with difficulties and even when she is convinced that she has met the man of her dreams, she quickly discovers that her hero is not the man she believes him to be. Before long his reputation has her running back to Hertfordshire to be reunited with Bennets, Bingleys and Darcys, meeting once again for a grand ball at Netherfield Park. Will Lydia manage to resolve her problems to find happiness or will the shocking truth about her husband cause the greatest scandal of all?
The events preceeding the book can be followed in Lydia's online diary at

Isn't the Christmas story wonderful? I am really enjoying it and can't wait to read the next instalment!

Jane Odiwe

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